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Indebted Series Box Set by Pepper Winters?

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New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Series.

Seven books in total. This edition contains the first three:

Debt Inheritance

“I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you’ve paid off your debts.”

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter.

First Debt:

“You say I’ll never own you. If I win–you willingly give me that right. You sign not only the debt agreement, but another–one that makes me your master until your last breath is taken. You do that, and I’ll give you this.”

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Stolen, taken, and bound not by monsters but by an agreement written over six hundred years ago, she has no way out

Second Debt:

“I tried to play a game. I tried to wield deceit as perfectly as the Hawks. But when I thought I was winning, I wasn’t. Jethro isn’t what he seems–he’s the master of duplicity. However, I refuse to let him annihilate me further.”

Nila Weaver has grown from naïve seamstress to full-blown fighter. Every humdrum object is her arsenal, and sex…sex is her greatest weapon of all.

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indebted bundle 4-6

New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Series.

Seven books in total. This edition contains the last four:

Third Debt

She healed me. She broke me. I set her free. But we are in this together. We will end this together. The rules of this ancient game can’t be broken.”

Nila Weaver no longer recognises herself. She’s left her lover, her courage, and her promise. Two debts down. Too many to go.

Fourth Debt

“We’d won. We’d cut through the lies and treachery and promised an alliance that would free us both. But even as we won, we lost. We didn’t see what was coming. We didn’t know we had to plan a resurrection.”

Nila Weaver fell in love. She gifted her entire soul to a man she believed was worthy. And in the process, she destroyed herself.

Final Debt

“I’m in love with her, but it might not be enough to stop her from becoming the latest victim of the Debt Inheritance. I know who I am now. I know what I must do. We will be together–I just hope it’s on Earth rather than in heaven.”

It all comes down to this.


Indebted Epilogue

A bonus book to be read after:

Debt Inheritance

First Debt

Second Debt

Third Debt

Fourth Debt

Final Debt  

Please note the books are too large to be included in one file. Indebted Series Boxed Set 1-3 contains the first three books of the Indebted Series and this edition contains the last four.
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New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author

Author of Bestselling Titles: Monsters in the Dark, Destroyed, & Indebted Series

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Cover Reveal: Sweetest Venom by Mia Asher

sweetest venom full cover

Blaire’s epic love story concludes in Sweetest Venom

by Mia Asher!

Add to your TBR at:

Cover Designer:  Mae I Design

RELEASE DATE:  April 3rd, 2016


sweetest venom cover



I fell in love with a lie …

She was beauty and destruction.

Kissing her was a tender song.

Fucking her, a wild poem.

Loving her, my downfall.

But she was mine.

Or so I thought.


I told her I wanted her body

and not her love.

I lied.


One man offered me his love.

The other, the world.

I’m falling, falling, falling …

And there’s no end in sight.

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About the Author:

Mia Asher

My name is Mia Asher.

I’m a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy – but who isn’t?

Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads | Pinterest


Sales Blitz: Reign by M.N. Forgy

reign banner

Reign sale

One bad biker. One gorgeous sheriff.

One intense biker romance.


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reign cover


As the president of the Sin City Outlaw Motorcycle Club, l fuck as hard as I ride and rarely go to bed alone.

The women are fast and the violence is intense.

I excel in both.

People either respect me or fear me. I’m not arrogant. It’s just the truth.

I was a king, reigning over Vegas without complication, until one gorgeous sheriff made everything fall apart.

When I saw her, I became a Neanderthal, wanting nothing more than to be between those legs.

I guess that’s where I went wrong, because my reality was shot to hell real

fucking fast.

One kiss caused her to step over that blue line.

One night in her bed made me a traitor.

And now… we’re both screwed.


The conclusion of Zeek and Jillian’s romance releases April 4th!

Now Available for Pre-order Mercy here:

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About the Author

m.n. forgy bio

M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She’s a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn’t live with the “what if” anymore and finally took a chance on her character’s story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

Stalk Her:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Sales Blitz: Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

easy virtue sale

Easy Virtue by Mia Asher is NOW ON SALE!

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easy virtue cover

Love is selfish…

My name is Blaire.

I’m the bad girl.

The other woman.

The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I’m the gold digger.

The bitch.

The one no one roots for.

The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too…

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?  

easy virtue sale 2

My name is Mia Asher.

I’m a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy – but who isn’t?

Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads | Pinterest

SALES BLITZ – Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras


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kaleidoscope hearts


He was my older brother’s best friend.

He was never supposed to be mine.

I thought we would get it out of our system and move on.

One of us did.

One of us left.

Now he’s back, looking at me like he wants to devour me. And all those feelings I’d turned into anger are brewing into something else, something that terrifies me.

He broke my heart last time.

This time he’ll obliterate it.

This is a standalone.

kaleidoscopte teaser


“Look at me, Elle,” he says, using the deliciously low demanding voice that once made my toes curl and my eyes roll back, and I have no choice but to tilt my head to give him my attention. “Forget those lame guys you’re dating.

Let me take you out.”

        My heart, if possible, spikes further in my chest, overriding all warning of the impending chaos that’s sure to come. I try turning my attention to the poster hanging beside me, but the kissing couple makes me look back at him and the deep green eyes that are burning into mine. My stomach does a flip-flop, the way it always does when he looks at me that way and I try to take my hands back because these feelings are too scary for me to deal with right now, but he holds them tighter, bringing them up to his mouth and kissing the tip of my ring finger. Why did he pick that finger to kiss? I pull harder and he finally lets my hand drop.

        “I can’t,” I say, my voice coming out hoarse.

        A myriad of emotions flash in his eyes before they settle on determination and I’m forced to take a step back, away from his scent, away from his warmth, and into the cold closet behind me.

        “Why not?”

        I sigh, finally looking away, back down to his naked feet. “I just can’t.” He knows why not. He shouldn’t ask me that question. “What’s Vic doing, anyway?”

        His body moves into mine so quickly that I don’t have time to react to his large hands clutching my arms or his face dropping until we’re nose to nose. I just stare, wide eyed, waiting for his lips to fall over mine, but they don’t. He just looks at me, breathes on me, lets me breathe on him, and he groans. And that fucking groan travels from his body into mine and crawls into the core of me, draping over every fiber inside of me.

        “What do you want, Oliver?” I whisper against his lips. “What do you want from me? You want to kiss me? You want to fuck me? You want to come into my life like the hurricane that you are and tear down everything I’ve rebuilt and disappear just as quickly?”

        His lips brush slightly against mine, just a breath of a touch as he stands there, crowding me like he’s about to devour me. But he won’t. He never goes in for the kill. He just lures me, casts me, reels me in and pulls away. His hands drop and his face leaves mine with the same quickness and I feel a pang deep inside me that I wish wasn’t there.

        “I’m sorry,” he says quietly, shaking his head in a movement that makes his hair sway back and forth. His eyes are soft on mine now and I can almost hear his thoughts: I should have never kissed her. I should have never—

        My brows rise in surprise at the apology, though. There are so many things I can say to him, but the sudden defeated look in his eyes keeps my mouth shut. Finally, I exhale and push off the wall, standing in front of him, with enough distance between us that we can’t reach out and touch each other.

        “It’s okay just… don’t do it again. The kiss the other day was a mistake…” I stop talking and walk past him, putting my bra away and sorting through my underwear drawer like it has some sort of hidden treasure or something. This time when I feel him come up behind me, I drop my head and exhale. He really needs to stop sneaking up behind me.

        “Oli—“ I start and gasp when I feel his lips on the back of my neck, soft and warm. My heart thunders and my hands begin to shake inside the drawer so I close my eyes and focus on breathing. He drops another kiss right beside that spot. I never knew the back of my neck was so sensitive. The feeling sends a ripple of sensation down my arms and through my body.

        “It wasn’t a mistake,” he says in a husky whisper that makes my flesh break out in goose bumps. “You’ve never been a mistake. You want me to tell your brother that I want to take you out? Is that what it would take?”

About the Author

claire bio

Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, two little boys, and three dogs.

Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading.

She has been described as a random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter.

Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because life is full of way too many unhappy ones.





Two Sides by M. Robinson & Jettie Woodruff – Cover Reveal and Sale

Two Sides Reveal & Sale
Cover Design: The Final Wrap
*New cover & Title for The Truth About Mack &
For the first time ever Best Selling Author Jettie
Woodruff and M. Robinson combined The Truth About Mack & Shhh… into one
book, Two Sides.
Before you judge me for my part in all of this, for the
things that I did, and for a past I may or may not have had control over, ask
yourself who you’re really judging. Is it me? Is it Gianna? Mr. Nichols? My
parents? Society?
There are always three sides. In this case, it’s mine,
Gia’s, and the truth. Once you have read them both, you’re free to judge who
you want. You can decide what the secrets are, who lied, and who told the
 McKenzie Perry, AKA


They say everything happens for a reason.
They say time heals all wounds.
They say…They say…They say…
There are always two sides to every story and then there’s
the truth. Well Mack got her turn and now it’s mine. This is my side. My story
to tell. What happened through my eyes. When you’re done reading you can make
your own conclusions, pick and choose a side or take bits and pieces from each
story and make your verdict.
Love me or hate me…
Because at the end of the day.
The truth will set me free.
Gianna Edwards, AKA Gia
My name is McKenzie Perry. I’ve lived a life filled with
secrets. Secrets that took me years to understand. Secrets that my bestie Gia
and I kept from the world. Secrets that only I knew. I wasn’t afraid of the
lies, the secrets, or the hidden skeletons. That’s not what frightened me. I
was afraid that one day they would come out, somebody would find out the truth.
If I am the only one that knew the secrets, the lies, then they were safe,
right? How does a well-rounded, talented little girl create a false sense life?
It took several years for me to understand the impact of lies. Lies I told,
secrets I kept, and the lives they controlled. One of the things I know to be
true is, I did the things I did for a reason, even if I didn’t know it at the
time. They all had a reason.
Have you ever lied? Held secrets? Betrayed someone?
I have.
McKenzie and I were best friends, soul sisters. We shared
everything…or so she thought. To everyone I was perfect and happy. No one knew
the real me. That was until I saw him. Everything changed the second we laid
eyes on each other. The world stopped moving and only we existed in it. But it
just added to the secrets and lies, it became too much and I couldn’t tell
apart what was real and what wasn’t.
This story is for anyone, who has ever lied and lived to
regret it…



name is Jettie Woodruff. I am from Ohio. I don’t know what genre I write in.
People tell me I have my own genre. I write
whatever I feel, because that’s what makes me happy. I don’t want to be in that
box where I can only write one genre.
I tend to like my bad boy’s,
taboo; the touchy subjects that make you want to throw your kindle. Usually at
said hot alpha male. Sometimes the female lead as well. My motto is life is
short. Very short. If it doesn’t make you happy anymore then why do it? Move
on. Some of my favorite things, besides writing
are, friends, family, and the beach. Music, although my interest has changed
after forty, I like the new stuff.
Happy Reading.
Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst,
romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading
since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing
her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.
is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German
Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.




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Elite by Rachel Van Dyken – Limited Time Sale

Elite Sale banner


Elite cover


For Tracey Rooks, life with her grandparents on a Wyoming farm has always been simple. But after her grandmother’s death, Tracey is all her grandfather has. So when Eagle Elite University announces its annual scholarship lottery, Tracey jumps at the opportunity to secure their future and enters. She isn’t expecting much-but then she wins. And life as she knows it will never be same . . .


The students at Eagle Elite are unlike any she’s ever met . . . and they refuse to make things easy for her. There’s Nixon, gorgeous, irresistible, and leader of a group that everyone fears: The Elect. Their rules are simple. 1. Do not touch The Elect. 2. Do not look at The Elect. 3. Do not speak to The Elect. No matter how hard she tries to stay away, The Elect are always around her and it isn’t long until she finds out the reason why they keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. She just didn’t realize she was the enemy — until it was too late.

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Elite 99 sale

I pushed open the door and immediately threw off my jacket, followed by my shirt. Then I addressed my skirt. I heard chuckling.

My hands froze on my skirt’s zipper. I looked up.

Nixon lay across my bed. “Please, don’t let me interrupt. Continue.”

I flipped him off.

He laughed harder.

I quickly pulled on the tank top I’d worn to bed and thrown across the chair. “What do you want?”

“Not sex, but thanks for the offer.”

“I was not…” I took three deep breaths. Arguing got me nowhere with Satan. “Why are you here?”

“Waiting for my sister. What else?”

I exhaled in relief.


“What, you disappointed I didn’t want an afternoon screw?”

“Not at all.” I sat far far away on Monroe’s bed. “Besides, if you needed one, all you’d have to do is knock on any door on this floor. Just be sure to use protection. I know how you are about germs.”

“Only yours,” he sang.

I threw a pillow in his direction, hoping to smack him in the face. He caught it mid-air and scowled. “Can you at least wait for her outside?”


“Why?” I ground my teeth together. At the rate I was going I would have nothing left to grind.

“Because, I like your bed. It’s comfortable.”

“It has my germs and I swear to you I drooled all over my pillow last night.”

He shrugged. “I only hate germs on people, not objects.”

Nixon looked at his watch then put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.


“Why what, Farm Girl?”

“Why don’t you like people touching you? Is that your rule or an Elite thing?”

“You ask a lot of questions for someone so stupid.”

That stung, but I was too tired to let it sink too far into my consciousness. “It is the only way to find out how to survive in this place.”

“You’ll survive, if you follow the rules. I thought I told you that.” He propped up on his elbow. “The system works, Trace. I know you think I’m an asshole, but if I was nice, they would eat you alive. Wouldn’t you rather I do the tasting?” He smirked.

Damn, I was literally itching to punch him in the jaw.

“Why can’t everyone just be nice and get along?”

He groaned into his hands and stood. “Maybe I will wait outside.”

“You do that.”

He walked to the door and then stopped. “Has anyone made fun of you today?”

“Is this a trick question?” I asked, jumping off Monroe’s bed. “You make fun of me all the time!”

“Other than me.” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his slacks. “Tell me the truth.”

“N-no,” I stuttered. “No one made fun of me today[ce1] .”

“I guess my point is made.”

“The hell it is.” I bent down and picked up another pillow to throw at his face. “You think you have that much power? To protect me from them? You think you’re that much better? That what you do is better than what typical college kids could do to me?”

His eyebrows rose. “Care to make a wager?”

“Fine!” I poked him in the chest.

Nixon closed his eyes as if in pain. “Please don’t touch me.”

I backed off but only because he’d said please.

“I’ll stop bothering you…but when I win—when you can’t take it anymore—when you are living in hell every single day, I want to hear it from your lips. Not Monroe’s, not Chase’s. I want you to approach me. I want you to tell me…”

“Tell you what?” I whispered.

“That you need me.”

“When hell freezes over!” I snapped.

“Bring a parka, because life’s a bitch and you just bought a first class ticket, sweetheart.”

I was still in a crappy mood when Monroe finally arrived. True to his word, Nixon sat outside, at the door, waiting for her. Why he didn’t text her or call her I have no idea.

I couldn’t really hear what they were saying. But Monroe was yelling, and Nixon was yelling, and I was pretty sure one of them was going to throw a punch.

So I was really surprised when Monroe bounced into the room with a wide smile on her face. “Guess what!”

“You killed your brother?”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not that lucky, no.” With a huff she sat on her bed. “The Elect are throwing a party tonight and I get to bring you!”

Excuse me while I pull out my pom-poms. “Swell.”

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency
and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking
coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!
You can connect with her on Facebook
or join her fan group Rachel’s New Rockin Readers. Her website is