K.M. Golland: Plight Release Blitz 

Title: Plight
Author: K.M. Golland
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 29, 2017

Noun: a difficult, or otherwise unfortunate
Verb: pledge or solemnly promise. Be engaged to be
I promised
myself to a man. Well, technically, I promised myself to a boy. We were eight
years old. Neighbours. He gave me a Cheezel, pushed it onto my finger, and
asked me to marry him.
I ate the
I also
said, “Yes” but that we’d have to wait until we were thirty.
It was my
thirtieth birthday last week and now he’s calling in that promise.
Elliot Parker is insane if he thinks
that an out of the blue private Facebook message stipulating the binding law of
an oral contractual agreement is going to seal our twenty-two-year bullshit
I wonder if
he really does look like his profile picture, though.
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$2.99 for a VERY limited time!



4 Hilariously Quirky Stars

This is the first book of K.M. Golland’s that I have ever read and it won’t be the last. I really enjoyed this book. I admit it did take me a while to read, but that was down to me having a complete book funk. But once I got out of my funk and into the book a little more, then I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! 
If like me you love a great RomCom and friends to lovers book, then you will definitely love this one. 
Danielle and Elliott have known each other since they were little kids. They were the best of friends and went through something pretty traumatic for kids to go through. But when they get a bit older Elliott moves away for school and before they know it, 17 years has gone by without any contact. Fast forward to now and Elliott is back in Danielle’s life and he’s come to collect on a promise she made years earlier. 
Now like most people Danielle thinks that he’s a ,little nuts for even suggesting she go through with this promise, and tries to let Elliott down in the nicest way possible. But Elliott, having always been in love with her and waiting years to finally have Danielle, he isn’t taking no for an answer. 
Let’s just say in Elliott’s quest to win Danielle over and finally have her in his life permanently, some things get a little out of hand with some hilarious consequences and some not so good either. This book is just full of funny quirky moments that had me laughing so much I had tears! It certainly has a certain flare to it that I know Kelly has and it comes through the pages 100% and just makes the book even more great! I for one will now be one clicking more of Kelly’s books from here on out. 
Author Bio
“I’m an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable
little people. I’m a bookworm, craftworm, movieworm, and sportsworm. I’m also a
self confessed shoe-aholic, tea-aholic, car-aholic, and bridge-aholic.”
Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, K.M. Golland is a
best selling hybrid author, and a ranty, married mother of two with a very
healthy high heel obsession.

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