The Edge of Life by Rachael Tonks – Release Blitz & Review

    ***RELEASE DAY***
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Kailee’s new neighbors are just that. They are also hot, tattooed identical twins. Identical in almost every way. She knows she should fear them, but she can’t.
Ryder is explosive, always fighting for what he wants. He fears nothing. Except for Kailee.
Jax uses his mind instead of his fists to get ahead. He takes what he wants. Kailee included.
 Fists will fly.
Blood will be shed.
Lives will be changed forever.
4 Stars
This book certainly packed a punch right from the start. I was drawn into the story quickly, flying through it and before i knew it, it was all coming to an explosive end. Rachael has given us a fast paced, action packed story, full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the last turn of the page.

Kailee was one hell of a strong character, she coped with everything that was thrown at her, she kept going even when things took an unexpected and frightening turn. Even having the infamous Blackheart twins as her new neighbours did not seem to phase her one bit and when both boys took a real shine to her, she took it all in her stride despite being dragged into a world completely alien to her.

What can I say about the Blackheart boys? They are smoking hot and Jax was certainly the more controlled of the two. However, he was manipulative and used mind games to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Kailee and she was drawn in by his charm. Then there was Ryder …… oh my Ryder !!!!! I know I probably wasn’t supposed to but i fell hard for this man. The more feared of the two and known for his explosive temper and his fists, underneath it all was a more sensitive side. He is fiercely loyal and protective of those he cares about, including Kailee – he wants her but his brother gets there first, a source of constant tension between them.

Rachael has given us gripping read, a story that sees the loyalties of the Blackhearts tested to the limit. I have absolutely loved beta reading this book which is my favourite so far of Rachael’s books and I am sure that everyone is going to love the Blackhearts as much as I did.

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