Throne Of Truth by Pepper Winters – Review

Throne of Truth, the thrilling conclusion to Crown of Lies from New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, is available now!

Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters
Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Since my life changed for the second time and not necessarily for the better. Two years since I traded prison bars for streets and hunted a runaway who I’d met in an alley.


Since I forgot how to lie, woke to fists, and chased after the girl who’d been stolen from me.


To save her, rescue her, keep my lies intact. She looks at me full of hate. I look at her full of confession.


For our relationship to switch from mutual dislike to floundering with unknowns. I’ve hurt her. Now, she’s hurt me. I guess we’re even.


For her to listen, to see, to finally know who I am. The answer comes with hardship. The answer isn’t what she wants to hear.


For me to walk out the door.


For it all to be over.


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4 Stars – A fitting conclusion to this story

The story picks up right from where Crown of Lies left off with its cliffhanger. We were left with so many unanswered questions, so many lose ends and we certainly got all of them tied up by the end of this book. The biggest question, is Penn the nameless person who saved Elle three years ago in that New York alley? The man who has been constantly in her thoughts, who she searched for, fell in love with on that dark night? These were all answered and then some.

This book certainly gave me a better insight into Penn, his past, who he truly is and everything that he had been through. He still has that dark and mysterious air about him but we get to see vulnerability and cracks appearing in the facade he hides behind. Elle was a force to be reckoned with in this book. At the beginning she is in danger but she never lets any of this effect her love for Penn and her determination to stand by her man no matter what the consequences. You watch her grow from this rich girl that has lead an all to sheltered life to a woman who will do anything to save the man she loves, even sacrifice her business, her relationship with her father, even blackmail.

Personally, i don’t feel that it had the element of surprise, suspense and mystery that we have got from Pepper’s other books – in a way i found it a little predictable in that i was easily able to guess what was going to happen next. That said, Pepper has a way with words that pulls you into her stories, captivates you and takes you swiftly on the journey along with the characters in them. I read this book over one evening and into the early hours, unable to put it down. The pages are of full of emotion, the devoted love between a man and a woman and of course some sizzling hot scenes and we end with a fitting conclusion to Penn and Elle’s story.


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