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Nina West’s WOLF PREY, the highly anticipated next book in her Wolf Cove Series is now available! Check out all of the stops and excerpts on the review & excerpt tour for WOLF PREY and be sure to grab your copy today!




About WOLF PREY (Wolf Cove Series #3):

Forced to leave Alaska to run the family farm while her father recovers from a tragic accident, Abbi heads home knowing she has the one thing she wants most again –Henry’s affections. She’s determined to not let anyone get in the way of that again.

But love for Abbi has never been easy.

With an overbearing mother who believes she has the right to approve who her daughter loves, a childhood ex-boyfriend who will do anything to win her back, and a wealthy, handsome boyfriend who always gets what he wants, Abbi soon realizes she may have to make some impossible choices.

Wolf Prey is Book 3 in the Wolf Cove series and should be read after finishing Wolf Bait (Book 1) and Wolf Bite (Book 2).

** The Wolf Cove Series will only be available for sale at Amazon. You can download a free Kindle reading app for any smartphone or tablet here:

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WOLF PREY can be read from free in Kindle Unlimited!

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 4 Steaming Hot Stars!!

After the way Wolf Bite left off I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Wolf Prey!! This series by Nina West has become a must read for me, her writing just grabs you and it’s highly addictive, turning page after page until I realised I finished the book in one sitting! 
In this instalment of the Wolf Series we see Abbi back in her hometown helping out her family after her Dad’s nasty accident. This is the last place she wants to be considering she fled for Alaska from here in the first place. Abbi is not the girl her mother and ex boyfriend once knew. Alaska changed her (all for the better) yet both her mother and ex are determined to get the old Abbi back. This adds in the story some highly frustrating times with the constant meddling of people who just won’t leave Abbi alone. 
Then there is Henry **sighs** oh how I love Henry! We get to see a much sweeter, softer side to Henry this time around which I loved! Lots of swooning from me that’s for sure! 
The long distance between Henry and Abbi does nothing to diminish the sexual chemistry between them. I think this book is more steamier than the first 2 and that’s saying something because the first 2 books were HOT! 

I do have to say I was expecting this to be the last book in the series and for Abbi and Henry to get there HEA but that’s not what happened and that’s all I’m saying. I do love this series so I look forward to seeing what else Nina has in store for Abbi and Henry.
So if you love reading a book with plenty of emotion, angst and high sexual chemistry then this series and this book is for you! 







And don’t miss the first books in the Wolf Cove Series, WOLF BAIT and WOLF BITE!





The Wolf Cove Series can be read from free in Kindle Unlimited!

About Nina West:

Nina West lives in the city but spends her summers in the wilderness with her husband. She loves having a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand and a steamy story full of angst in the other. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter!


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