M.Leighton: The Empty Jar is Live!!!

THE EMPTY JAR by M. Leighton

“The ultimate love story!” – Marion
“It’s a masterpiece.” – Courtney Cole, NYT Bestselling Author

“M. Leighton’s best work yet.” – Teresa

“Heartbreaking. Hopeful. Brilliant.” – Kat

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~~~~~*****The Empty Jar*****~~~~~

Three months touring Europe.
Romantic. Dazzling. Unforgettable.

The trip of a lifetime.

But some lifetimes are shorter…
We couldn’t have known it would work out this way. No one could. No one could’ve guessed that something so beautiful could be so tragic.
But it is tragic.
Yet so, so beautiful.

That’s what sacrifice is—beauty and tragedy.
It’s pain and suffering for something or someone you love.

And this is the ultimate sacrifice.
One stunning act of true love.

This is our story.
Our true love story.

5 Emotional Heartbreaking Stars!!! 

This has to be one of the hardest reviews that I’ve ever had to write. Now don’t go thinking it’s because I didn’t like the book. Far from it as you’ve seen that I’ve given it 5 stars! I’d give it 10 stars if I could! This is a hard review to write because I just don’t think I can give the book justice on how good it is! 
This book completely gutted me and broke my heart, and in some ways put it back together again. It is such an emotionally heartfelt story. I was an emotional mess the entire time I read this story, so much so that I had to stop a few times to get myself under control so I could truly appreciate this amazing epic love story! 
The story is very different from Michelle’s other books, for one I know that she wrote this at a time when she herself was going through an emotional time in her life, and you can tell from this story the absolute passion that she has put into it. 
The story revolves around Nate and Helena or Lena as everyone calls her. They are about to head to Europe for a once in a lifetime holiday for 3 months, which would be anyone’s dream come true! It follows them both through all of the trials and tribulations that life throws at them. They go through so much as a couple but you can’t help but admire how strong willed they both are, and how they will do anything for each other. Their love is so incredibly strong for each other, they are soul mates, each other’s half, they complete each other and you can’t help but fall in love with them both! 
The subject that this story revolves around, anyone can relate to it. I certainly did! It is a subject that is close to my own heart which made it that much harder to read, but I knew that this was going to be M. Leighton’s best work yet, and I was right! This is quite simply one of the best love stories that I’ve read in a long time. One that will stay with you forever, one that you will get so emotionally involved in and you can’t help but feel for these characters. 
This truly epic love story makes think about your own life and how things could turn out, and make you appreciate the little things in life. I really don’t want to give too much away from the story which I why I’ve just given a minimal description of it. 

I just have to say read it, and read it now! My heart was bursting after finishing this story! With all the tears that I shed they were so incredible worth it! It felt to me like an honour to have read this fantastic book! And it is surely going to be a best seller and one M. Leighton will be most proud of! 


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