Snare by Sadie Grubor – Review

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Sidra Campbell lives by a hump-him-and-dump-him rule. No love, no messy emotional strings, means no chance of losing control—again. She came to L.A. to support her cousin Liza, but she’s also running from the vicious cycle she left behind in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for her, two men aren’t making life easy. One invokes the haunting nightmare of a past she’s fought hard to be a survivor of, not a victim, and another is so tempting, so persuasive, she reinforces the wall around her heart and dons her mask to keep the behemoth out. To everyone else, she appears confident and happy, but inside, she’s hiding the deepest pain.

Xavier Stone, the former drummer to one of the greatest rock bands, Corrosive Velocity, has suffered loss after loss. Finding himself a full-time dad and in threat of losing once again, he’s barely hanging on.

There’s one woman who creates a spark of interest so strong, he can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. She hates him—at least, that’s what the mask of insults and indifference she wears wants him to believe, but her kiss tells another story. Xavier has lost too much. She may not be happy about it and can run all she wants, but Xavier’s done losing.
When two explosive personalities collide, one runs and the other snares

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5 Stars – a hilarious and engaging read

Snare is the 3rd book in the Falling Stars series and is Sidra (Sid) and Xavier’s story and what can I say, I absolutely loved this book. Sid literally had me in stitches on more than one occasion with her smart mouth, sarcasm and attitude. But underneath all the sass was a girl who had all sorts of insecurities, having been through a cruel and traumatic incident whilst she was at college.

Xavier…. I loved him! His family is certainly not conventional in any way and I loved how he cared for his girls and how he never let Sid push him away despite her numerous attempts at trying and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the “Sasquatch”.

This book had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion with the quick wit and banter between Sid & Xavier

“I licked it. It’s mine. Those are the rules.”

Sid’s no filter mouth and no nonsense approach was hilarious and hearing her try to explain periods to a teenage girl literally had tears running down my face.

Eventually allowing Xavier to break through the walls she had built up was certainly not an easy thing for Sid to do but it was great to have her finally accept herself and believe that someone could love her for who she is.

There is so much I could say about Sid & Xavier but in my opinion it is best to experience this story for yourself. Once again Sadie has given us a fantastic story, with engaging characters and I can’t wait to see what will come next.

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About the Author

I’m a self professed foul mouthed, book nerd who seeks world domination with her sinister side kick, evil minions, fatal depth dwelling felines, hell hound, and fanged lagoon creature.

Oh-Kay, so in reality…I’m a foul mouthed, wife, book nerd, mother of two children, two cats who refuse to leave our basement, a fluffy white ankle biter named Puff, and a carnival goldfish who has survived for two years. We are still seeking world domination – No Seriously, we are.

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