Nicole Williams The Fable of Us Release Day & Review 


Her heart can’t be destroyed by the same person twice. At least that’s what Clara Abbot finds herself hoping when she runs into Boone Cavanaugh less than an hour after returning to Charleston. 
As kids, Clara and Boone had been each other’s firsts, and no one or nothing could stand in the way of their forever. But all kids have to grow up sometime. The troubled son of the town drunk winding up with the firstborn daughter of the local royalty was a happy ending even the most imaginative of fairy tales couldn’t make believable. 
Their fable came to an end as most do: tragically. Boone might have done the leaving, but it was Clara who got away and made a new life for herself in California. But after seven years of dodging her hometown, she’s only back in Charleston for seven days to celebrate her sister’s wedding. She won’t let her overbearing family or her run-in with Boone rattle her—though rattling her is obviously Boone’s primary objective. 
Boone is her past and her past is behind her, a mere speck in the rearview. So why does she feel it coming back every time she looks at him? Why does she see it every time he looks back? 
Just when Clara’s life can’t possibly get more complicated, the ground shifts, and she discovers just how far her family was willing to go to keep the wrong boy out of her life. Was it really Boone who left her? Or was it Clara who left him? 
The truth will be hard to face. Especially when she discovers most of her life has been built on lies. 
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5 Beautifully Emotional Stars!
The Fable of Us is a standalone second chance romance. I have always loved reading second chance romances, I guess I’m just a sucker for happily ever afters that should have always been, and this book most certainly delivers on that.

Clara Abbot and Boone Cavanaugh haven’t seen or spoken to each other for going on 7 years now. After some really heartbreaking events that unfolded in their teens while they were dating, things were left up in the air and unsaid between the 2 and they both never truly got over these events or forgave each other.

Both of them blaming each other for the past mistakes of their relationship, things are about to become pretty clearer for both of them when Clara comes home for her sisters wedding. With meddling and overbearing family and friends constantly pushing and pulling at the two of them, things finally come to light with what really happened all those years ago. 

This book was written beautifully, you instantly connect with the characters and are routing for them all the way through. My emotions were all over the place while reading it, one moment I’m smiling and laugh at certain antics, then other moments I’m about ready to burst into tears with how certain heartbreaking moments happened for Clara and Boone. There were also a few times I was about ready to launch my kindle across the room from being so angry and frustrated at certain characters in this book! The ending I have to say for me was bittersweet, I didn’t want to let these characters go because I got so sucked into their lives and invested in their feelings that I didn’t want it to end. This is not the first book of Nicole’s that I’ve ever read and it certainly won’t be the last. I will be looking forward to what she comes out with next so I can loose myself once again in her beautiful writing. 


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