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TRANSCENDENTLove, desire, and the undeniable hunger for another living being is something Jeffrey Bauer knows nothing about. Women have always been drawn to him like moths to a flame. But, he’s been careful to never indulge in the same woman more than once; it’s a rule he has always abided by. A rule that has kept him safe—until now.

Jeff’s impervious world now crumbles to the wayside once he crosses paths with her—Elise Jewels. She knocks down his walls with just one glance. She grabs ahold of his soul, without permission, and keeps it hostage. She’s become the exception to his simple rule.

Elise screams innocence and purity—a beauty that Jeff doesn’t want to taint. He has to decide to embark on his deepest desires with Elise or to save her from himself by staying far away.

Will he be able to fight the irresistible pull she has on him? Or will he allow her to slip away?


This book features Elise and Jeff. They work together and have friends in common. They also have history as after one night Jeff doesn’t kiss Elise after she tries to. After that moment things became very awkward between them.

Elise is also having a hard time with her own mother. Her mother is cruel and kills her self esteem. Elise knows that something needs to be done but she’s at her wits ends.

One night something happens with her mother and it sets her off into a tailspin. Jeff finds her and he moves her in with him.

Jeff I do like because he owns his mistakes & tries so so hard to get Elise to believe that he truly does want her in his life. They have the chemistry. They have the connection. It is only hindered by the fact that Elise does not believe Jeff wants her.

Shevaun is a new author for me but I did enjoy this story as well as the journey they took to get to where they are.

3.5 stars


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Shevaun DeLucia, author of the Eternal Mixture Series and The Forbidden image4Love Series, lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own.


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