The Year of Falling in Love by Jessica Sorensen is Live! 


Isabella Anders just found out Lynn and her dad want to send her to a reform school. But with the help of Grandma Stephy, Isa’s dad agrees to let her move in with her grandma. 
Isa is more than relieved to be moving out. And after going on an unofficial date with Kyler, she wonders if maybe her life is starting to turn around. But then she discovers the truth about what really happened to her mother. 
Not ready to fully accept that her mother is a murderer, Isa turns to Kai for help. Kai is more than willing to help, but to protect Isa, he keeps some of the more brutal details about her mother’s case to himself until he can find out more. 
But when a mysterious blue car starts showing up everywhere, and Isa receives a threatening text message from an unknown caller, Kai realizes someone is dead set on destroying Isa. And he might not be able to protect her.

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This is the second book I the Sunnyvale Series. It cannot be read as a standalone, to fully enjoy the story I strongly recommend reading The Year I Became Isabella Anders first.
The story picks back up where it was left off in The Year I Became Isabella Anders. With Isa devastated about the news of her mother and Kai knowing a secret he should really divulge to Isa.

I absolutely adored this book! I just had to get that in there first. For one it was great to have the book in dual P.O.V this time around as the first book was only told from Isa’s P.O.V until the last chapter.

Once again in this instalment Isa has lots of things she has to work through emotionally and Kai has some of his own worries he has to contend with as well as trying to be there for Isa.

The things Isa goes through and puts up with is enough to make anyone have some sort of emotional breakdown. But no matter how much is thrown at her she always tries to come out on top. I think this is what I love most about Isa’s character, she is such a strong person through everything, even if she doesn’t believe that about herself. Kai really comes into his own in this book as well, he is such a sweetheart to Isa and I am rooting for him and really hope that Isa will pick him in the end and not his older brother Kyler, as she just has mixed feelings about them both and can’t seem to make up her mind. 

I was so hoping this was going to be the conclusion to Isa’s story, but the further I got into the book, the more I realised there was still SO much more of her story to be told and guessed we would get another book. It does finish with you wanting more, I have to say it wasn’t as bad as the ending to the first book so Jessica’s ears wouldn’t have been burning this time around! It still leaves you with burning questions you want answered and I can’t wait to find out what else is going to happen in Isa’s journey next.

Jessica Sorensen will have your heart literally breaking for Isa in this book and take you on such a rollercoaster of a ride with your emotions! This is without a doubt another 5 star read for me!


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