Carey’s Revenge – K A Duggsy review

Careys Revenge cover


Please note this is the second book in a series, if you haven’t read Today, Tomorrow, Forever (Book 1) this book may not make any sense.
This is the final book in this series.

‘Fate is a hoax’
‘God is a story’
‘And happy ever after really is a fairytale’

I’m a changed man. Yep that’s me. I’m drowning in the depths of despair and consumed. Consumed with the unrelenting need for revenge. There’s only so much loss a man can take and I’ve reached my quota! I’m done. I’m ready to re-unite with my baby. I just have one last job to do, the most important task I’ve ever committed myself to.
I won’t fail. I can’t fail.

Carey Cooper met and then lost, the love of his life Enola in a matter of weeks.
He wants nothing more than to be re-united with his love again but first he needs revenge.
With the help of his younger brother Carter, Enola’s father-Jack and his source Leela, he hunts for James, the person responsible for his never ending cycle of pain. He has a clear plan and is determined to carry it out. But in his haste has he chosen to trust the wrong people?
James is holed up with a parolee he met, he’s in hiding and has no intention of returning to jail- this time on a murder charge. He wants revenge too. He loved Enola and never meant for things to end the way they did, for that he blames Carey. He’s put a plan in place for Carey, to end this once and for all.
Carey teeters on the edge of sanity, he’s angry at the world and slowly losing his grip on reality.
And as he finds out, sometimes to catch a monster you first have to become one.

‘Unfortunately, underneath we all have a split personality just waiting to be set free.’

carey car teaser

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4 Stars.

I couldn’t wait to get into this book! Especially with how the last one ended. I knew it was going to be a completely different book than what I’m used to reading but I was not disappointed!

Carey sets out to get justice for Enola and the only way he knows how to do that is finding James and making him pay. He’s blinded by it, it’s the only thing that makes any sense to him anymore.
At the start you’re all for it, you can’t wait for him to find James but as the book continues you really start to feel for Carey. Enolas death has clearly affected him a lot more than you first think. He’s almost desperate in the way he wants revenge and he feels that after he’s carried it out he has nothing else to live for.

He has no clue how many people love him and are worried about him! Especially his brother Carter, who is willing to go to any lengths to save his brother.

Carey finally catches up with Jack and everything seems to be going according to plan. He has him exactly where he wants him, now all he has to do is end this.

Things don’t go according to plan, as they rarely do in these situations but will Carey go through with it? Will gis brother be there to save the day? Well he even care? You should definitely read it and find out!

I loved the ending! It was a great read.



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