Today, Tomorrow, Forever by K A Duggsy – Review

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I was strong…once! I had friends and a great social life.
My ex took it all.
He made me change. Now I’m nervous, anxious and self-doubting. I hide away safe in my bubble until I meet… Mr dirty blues.
He makes me want to start again, to stop letting my past control me.
But can I trust myself to trust in him?
Can I let him in?
Or will I fall again?

I’ve been forced to join the family private eye business. A job I have zero interest in. I do my duty though, hoping to heal the rift between my brother and I.
Mum and dad are both…gone, so we only have each other.
Yeah, so life is pretty shit. I’m a moody prick dwelling on my losses.
She teaches me to feel again, to laugh and I’m addicted.

Enola Elias suffered an horrific attack at the hands of her abusive ex, James Stanwell. Years later still physically and emotionally scarred, struggling with debilitating self doubt and trust and anxiety issues she attempts navigating through life again starting with a blind date. She meets Carey Cooper who is dealing with his own demons after his mothers death and fathers suicide. He’s become unenamoured with life and is just going through the motions.

When they encounter each other again, their barriers begin to break and they take a chance on one another.

Learning that her ex James is due to be released from prison, unleashes painful emotions and memories of a past Enola is still trying to overcome.

Mistakes have been made and someone has to pay.

Will Carey and Enola get their Today, Tomorrow, Forever?


4 stars

This story follows the lives of Enola and Carey.

Enola wasn’t looking to meet anyone. She was okay plodding along as she was. Her best friend thought otherwise. Kailen decides it’s about time Nole got back out there after a disastrous relationship that changed Enola more than words can say.
After psyching herself up for the date things seem to go from bad to worse for Nole when the man doesn’t even bother to turn up. She’s just about to leave plotting her best friends demise when she hears a “sexy as sin” voice asking if he can join her, only he’s not the blind date, he just felt compelled to join her.

After talking for hours, things seem to be going great bug the night doesn’t end the way either of them would want, leaving them to go their separate ways.

When they run into eachother again it seems like fates be at play.

Enola is obviously reserved and anxious about starting a relationship with anyone based on her horrible past with men.

Will she be able to get past it and open up to Carey, who turns out to be the perfect kind of man for her?

Meanwhile, just as she’s starting to believe in herself and a good life she could possibly build, someone from Enolas past seems to be gearing up to threaten any kind of happily ever after she could hope for.

This is a great book. I really connect with Enolas character and found myself rooting for her. I’m excited to read what happens next.


About the Author

K A Duggsy was born in Cardiff, Uk and is a mum of 3. She loves to read romance, regardless of the sub genre, but she does prefer a HEA. Her biggest passion is reading, followed closely by writing. She alternates between the 2, and her long-suffering children and partner frequently get ignored, while she does so.
Her love of writing started with poetry and she had some works published.
Today, Tomorrow, Forever is her first novella, but she has many other stories in varying stages of completion.
Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey’s Revenge will be released in September, ending this series.


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