The Beauty of It by Tara Lin Mossinghoff Blog Tour 

Title: The Beauty of It 
Author: Tara Lin Mossinghoff 
Genre: Romance 

Life is messy. 

Jackson’s sister passed away from cancer. Peyton’s pregnant by a man who no longer wants her or the baby. 

Life is scary. 

He moved away from his family to start college. She faces giving up her dream career or her baby. 

Life is unexpected. 

They form an unlikely friendship. Will it be enough to heal them?

Life is beautiful.








Jackson has lost his baby sister to cancer. It kills him to get on with life without her. He knows that she will never experience all of life’s first. College. Job. Kids. Marriage. However he moves to start college where he meets by ‘eavesdropping’ Peyton

Peyton finds herself pregnant and abandoned by the father who wants nothing to do with the child. She is determined however to keep the baby. Her parents have other ideas. It is their belief that you need to be married and in a stable home before you have sex and make babies. (21st century people!) but I digress. They have their reasons for the way they are which does heavily impact her schooling.

The ultimatum given is that if she gives the baby up for adoption then they will pay for her schooling but if she keeps it then she wont.

My heart was pulled into this story. I kept reading and hoping that they’d change their mind.

A lot happens as Jackson and Peyton navigate their time together. There are moments of pure heartbreak. Other moments of happiness.

Which one wins?

You’ll find out when you read the book 😊

4 stars



Tara Lin Mossinghoff is from a small town in Missouri. Her passions include reading, writing, Netflix, and sarcasm. 


Her love for reading started at a young age and in her teens she developed a passion for writing.

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